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How many of you can say you wrote an app at 14? At the start, I was aiming for just a sandbox where you could place furniture, but I started getting creative with it then ended up with tons of cool functions. Instead it was commands like 'Poke' and 'Peek'. VR Home includes items to build almost any room you desire. Hmm, this looks awfully similar to something else that was already out there, especially if you look at the mods that have been made for it Oh, I almost forgot, there are guns, too. If stuff like this is popular and it grows, we may find ourselves in a Matrix of our own creation.

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The young developer also baked a variety of activities into VR Home to give you something to do in your custom space.

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Sierra. Age: 21.
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Gamer Chick April O’Neil and her Gamer Gasm

Heck, I remember when I was programming back in the days, we didn't have engines at all. Creating VR Home took sacrifice and dedication that few teenagers would consider. When you were 14, what was your greatest accomplishment?

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