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camilla belle swimming
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Here's how can she turn it around Getty Images. She's all about the indies Getty Images. A peek at Belle's Instagram reveals that there's a good reason she's not making all the movies, all the time; she's much too busy having a blast at the beach, shopping at the farmer's market, spending time with friends, and getting glammed up for the occasional red carpet. In , she explained her approach to choosing scripts, saying, "When you make a film like Ballad or Chumscrubber , you're learning something really profound on a creative level[. Another thing potentially keeping Belle off the radar of Hollywood's most prominent directors: she's always been big on pushing her boundaries in edgy, challenging roles, and she's worked pretty much exclusively on smaller projects for the past seven years. Her foray into action films didn't pay off Getty Images.

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The upshot is that even as Belle turns in quality performances opposite talented actors in movies like The American Side , she's not getting the kind of public attention that might spawn more and bigger roles down the line.

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Why Hollywood won't cast Camilla Belle anymore

As we've mentioned, Camilla Belle is a pretty private person — which made it especially unfortunate that she happened to date Joe Jonas right after his breakup with Taylor Swift. With Hollywood's renewed enthusiasm for diversity, Belle is in a good place to rejoin the ranks of more mainstream actors; her unique look and Brazilian heritage are definitely assets she could leverage to score, as are her fond friendships with industry icons like Patrick Stewart. But instead of getting a permanent place on the A-list, Belle all but disappeared.

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