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Fascinated by its regenerative properties, Amara modifies the substance to enhance the regeneration rate, causing the sample to change and absorb some of the lab equipment as it grows in size. Sign In Don't have an account? She gets Globby to hold Nega-Globby steady so as to fire the antidote at it, attracting the creature's attention. After Globby fails to interview for a job at Noodle Burger due to his powers, he goes to Hiro and Honey Lemon for help on his condition. After Karmi leaves for class, Honey gets to work on the formula, which takes her all night to complete.

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For the character of the same name, see Nega-Globby.

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Kaelyn. Age: 27.
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Meanwhile, Nega-Globby closes in on Honey, but Globby arrives and saves her from being crushed. Add a photo to this gallery. Using the purse and the neurotransmitter, Dibs recreates the incident that mutated him and successfully turns back into Globby.

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