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Finally, in the mission Reuniting the Family , Michael is trying to bring his family together one more time, he and Jimmy go to the Blazing Tattoo studio to find Tracey begging Lazlow for another chance in the Fame or Shame TV program. There, after a long session, the De Santa's all agree to move back to the mansion together as a united family. After the mission, Tracey calls Michael and again berates him for "ruining her life" once again. Tracey as a kid wearing her private school uniform. Once they find him, Michael can either kill him or let him go player's choice. Her dialogue is almost always used for comic relief. Unlike the rest of her family, Tracey has blonde hair however, this may be dyed as her eyebrows are black.

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Lazlow even makes a reference to Michael in her presentation, saying that there's a man that is going to kill him if Tracey doesn't win.

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Tracey De Santa

When Michael overhears this, he attacks Lazlow by forcibly piercing him in the nose, ear and brow, then tattooing a penis on his back or chest player's choice. She is known to be rebellious in her actions against her parents, and even going as far as auditioning for Fame or Shame without their approval. Amanda, Jimmy and Tracey once again leave the mansion, this time for personal safety reasons whilst Devin is still trying to kill Michael. There have been moments throughout the storyline where she has shown respect and compassion towards her father, through e-mails and text messages, worrying about his safety when he is in danger and missing him when he is separated from his family.

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