Amazing spies

amazing spies
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In hopes of becoming a WOOHP spy himself, Davey follows the other spies into their home and attempts to shrink them to microscopic size. The robot and Tommy go on a rampage in the city. The sibling Spiez attempt to capture a villain with no teamwork. A mysterious object lands in the desert. His school has always placed last in the competition, so he gets back by attacking other schools and turning his athletes aggressive so they can win.

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Weather patterns begin to go haywire and cause snow all over the world.

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Sixth season of Totally Spies! goes global

Later, Lee gets annoyed when he is put under supervision of a babysitter, although he is She now plans to eliminate the Spiez. Villain: Bucky Alder former actor. Previously, he and his twin had created clones of themselves and created chaos all around the world Their nickname is the Chaos Twins.

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