Mature women with large breasts

mature women with large breasts
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And since there are so many women with artificially enlarged breasts of course the average will go up. But these days there is the internet, so everyone can watch around the whole world, and so, on social media they now can see thousands of large-breasted teenage girls and young women they could not reach before. Against today's recommendations, there was a very high number of teenagers who already got their breasts surgically reduced many years before they had reached their final size. What leads to an increase in the size of breasts? When women take birth control pills, those extra hormones eventually leave the body in the urine, and while the sewer is treated, they are worried about nasty bacteria and pH balance, not how many hormones are getting dumped into the water.

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Sceptics about the high number of such cases in the past just ignore the fact that most women back then hid such breasts from the public because of the social unacceptance about it at that time.

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It only seems to be like that for several reasons: The most important reason is the internet, because 30 years ago most people only knew about the large-breasted teens they actually met personally, and they maybe got knowledge of some few cases they saw on TV in addition. Why some girls have big boobs naturally? I do not think there is necessarily a greater number of top-heavy girls, so much as some people having confirmation bias, since women are also not as restricted in what we can wear publically, and trying to hide our figure is not something encouraged as much. And that urge to have really huge breasts, it is also the result of that high number of large breasted teens and young women, since J- and even MM-cups are meanwhile so common that it seems that breasts will be no longer something special and not big enough as long as you can buy a bra off the rack.

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