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Perry takes this opportunity to insert a picture of the Mime-inator into the transporter and the Mime-inator is transported away from Doofenshmirtz and back to the backyard, foiling Doofenshmirtz's scheme again. He then remembers that Perry is not back yet, and so transports him back to the backyard. Phineas : Now let's try out that half-pipe. I'll put a photo of him in the machine and transport him back here. He tells Phineas to turn the garage the right side up and come into the house.

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Clara. Age: 22.
phineas and ferb pictures

Phineas then asks if everyone had a chance to try the transporter.

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Sierra. Age: 29.
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Picture This

Phineas : Has everyone get a chance to use the machine? Isabella : I'm feeling the ozone! Buford and the fly get separated Phineas : Sorry, Buford.

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