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Mostly, the care is based on historical practice patterns and influence of mentors on surgeons' training. Internal sphincterotomy——while effective and definitive in adults ——is not advised in children because the sphincter complex is very thin and risk of permanent dysfunction is thus higher. Softening stool consistency is preferred to using stimulants because the latter may merely serve to more forcefully push forward the same firm, large stools. Age is an important factor when considering etiology and management, distinguishing between infants, children, and adolescents. A perianal abscess originates from an infection of the anal glands that subsequently necessitates toward the perianal skin.

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This can be quite painful, and the pain is exacerbated by defecation.

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In resource-limited settings, of course, compromises may be necessary. However, in older children and teens, these may be the first recognized manifestation of Crohn's disease. Drainage of perianal abscess in any age group should be accompanied by a careful examination to evaluate for fistulous connection to the anorectum.

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