Missionary sex style

missionary sex style
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Super sexy and intimate, great for long, passionate kisses, and your best shot for having a hands-free orgasm. In normal missionary, have him spin about 45 degrees to one side so your bodies form an X and he's entering you at a sideways angle. Prop a pillow under your butt to lift your hips higher on an angle. From here you get a hot view of his sexy back and ass humping you, and you can tell him just how steamy he looks. Marta Meana , being hotly desired is what turns women on most. This twist on missionary also lets him enter you super deep — even deeper if he grabs your hips for leverage — which is pretty much always a good thing.

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Yasmin. Age: 30.
missionary sex style

Plus, this one is ideal for doin' it in the kitchen.

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Joy. Age: 23.
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7 Exciting Ways to Spice Up Missionary Sex

If your partner is on the smaller side or you're just a fun of extra- deep penetration , there's a super easy hack you try in standard missionary posish. Bend your legs up to your chest and have him grab your ankles as he enters you. When at least one of you is groaning incoherently, you have a winner! This position is also good for the super lazy among us because you can take control without moving: Roll your hips around slowly and you'll get this amazing slidey friction that will drive you both batshit crazy.

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