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tekken eliza breast
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Options included , and none of these are jokes, a salmon, a generic old man, and Paul but with breasts. Am I going to be fired for devoting an entire article to inconsistencies in the sizes of fictional tatas? Specifically, breasts in the form of a scantly clad female vampire named Eliza. Was this a mistake that incorporated an earlier version of the character design in with the current model? At least now we know the source of her power. With some time to finally develop the character, Namco Bandai put up a trailer yesterday that showcases Eliza in all her glory. Ok, nothing shocking there.

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She looks almost reasonable, if you ignore the horns, the outfit, and the desire the drink the blood of your firstborn.

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Rose. Age: 28.
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Tekken’s Provocative New Character Has Wildly Fluctuating Breast Size

As you can see, these characters were rejected for a reason. Until we find out, make sure you hide your wives, hide your kids, and hide your husbands, because Eliza is going to impregnate everyone out there. Now how about we fast forward the trailer all the way to the end and-.

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