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Didn't you want to know about my wicked past? After the fruit bat incident I wrote you about, Fluttershy suffered an after-effects from her transformation into a bat-hybrid. I just wasn't expecting all THAT. I was already as tall as any man but now I found my self looking down on even the tallest of my guards. You have to expect that my body wouldn't-" "And all those references to your amazing figure start as soon as the recorded histories resume after Nightmare Moon was banished, so you've been big for a long time. But then Rarity assured me that during her take over of Ponyville with the Alicorn Amulet that Trixie had definitely filled out. He became my friend, the first I had had in a long time.

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Again, her own words, 'My hourglass has a fair bit more sand in both the top and bottom halves these days'.

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Maid FlutterShy

I was with her and Rainbow Dash an Rainbow mentioned something that put me on this line of inquiry. Rainbow Dash was feeling a little jealous, I think, because she pointed out that villainesses like Crysalis and Nightmare Moon, and nuisances like Trixie all seem to be rather, er, well built. The centuries rolled on and, due to some unfortunate wars and natural disasters, the archives of that time were destroyed. You see Twilight you're right.

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