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I am by nature a submissive when it comes to my sexual preferences, which is a blessing because my boyfriend is dominant! I think it is this experience which makes me loving being spanked. My mom gave me a pretty good spanking right over her knee, when I was 19, for hitchhiking. It did not, as some have said, make me feel more loved overall. So this one day we decided to try spanking and I was barely a teenager. I have to tell you that she spank very very hard from the first one all the way to the last one and always bare bottom. My friend at 13 that spanked me knew the guy.

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To be very frank, it burnt like hell as he was relentless.

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Sara. Age: 25.
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She had almost stopped crying by the time it was over. So I sat as gingerly as I could on the edge of my bed,and masterbated. It did not take much and I would get spanked. At that point I had developed a bubble butt running track and playing baseball.

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