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He was a bit defensive but since I was next to him showed me the chat. They are gorgeous and i like looking at nice girls. If my man looks at other women, it is in no way a reflection of me. Because it has nothing to do with you. I find it impossible to get my head around the concept that it is okay for men to be mentally unfaithful while in a loving relationship when it is so hurtful for women to do the same. You cant help seeing a pretty person walk by but you have a choice to look at that hot pic or video and pleasure yourself to it.

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My issue is that I want to completely trust him, but he makes it….

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And even then my mind tended to wander into things like…what time does that tv show come on? You cant help noticing when a hot sports car drives past you and your blown away by it beauty and watch it round the corner…normal and not a choice. And certainly not cheating. So our young boys and girls just continue to grow and learn to turn a blind eye if she or he ever wants a relationship.

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