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This version of the Clara character is used to satirize the right wing conservative Christian side of society; thus, Clara goes into evangelical mode whenever that angle is needed for a story. In the third season, Clara's characterization took on a decidedly negative turn. In " Unrestrainable Trainable ," she mistakes Wooldoor for a Jew and pushes him into the pool in order to baptize him. Though she is frequently guilty of insensitivity and closed-mindedness, she usually realizes when she is wrong about something, and always tries to make amends. Though it becomes hysterical and vicious when frightened by loud noises, the Octopussoir , for the most part, is quite gentle and kind. Clara is a devout Christian; she mentions Jesus often, and on more than one occasion has gone off on crusades against things she considers abominations in God's eyes see Clara's darker side above. The King raised Clara all her life and he kept her very close to the religion of Christianity which caused her to have very strong beliefs and faith in the religion.

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Also, Clara praises her Octopussoir for supporting what she refers to as a "worthwhile charity" - Jews for Jesus a controversial organization dedicated to converting Jews to Christianity , which is part of the evangelical movement.

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Princess Clara

In this manner, Clara often acts as the also Jewish producers' vehicle for Jewish humor on the show. In Season Three, however, she was shown behaving with actual malice and spite. In the first season, Clara's bigotry was the source of most of the character's humor; however, beginning in the second season, her bigotry and xenophobic tendencies would be largely de-emphasized, and instead, Clara's narrow and unbending religious views would become the character's driving force.

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