How to stop image stretching on tumblr

how to stop image stretching on tumblr
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When I'm looking at a Tumblr blog, can I center it on my screen? I think x is a good place to start because most Tumblr images are rectangular and that seems to be the most common size. How do I make Tumblr posts the same height on the home page of my blog theme and then their actual height on the post page? How can you insert videos into a Tumblr blog post? So for example if the design was to have 4 squares on desktop in a grid, it would have that consistent look. How do I prevent images from stretching out and distorting on the homepage of my Tumblr blog?

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How do you set the title and description snip in a Tumblr blog?

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How do you search contents of a Tumblr blog? Then I add the text to it after the resizing and even if the background image stretches, the text will be perfect. The reason that they would not get distorted when posting is because the dashboard is worked on by professional web developers at Tumblr that are very good at what they do. How do I post a link on my Tumblr blog?

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