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Useable masturbation noises. A full minute or so of different kinds of yawns. Male masturbation noises - mp3 version Male masturbation noises - ogg version Male masturbation noises - waveform Male masturbation noises - spectrogram The loud shouty kind of male orgasm. Male masturbation sounds - mp3 version Male masturbation sounds - ogg version Male masturbation sounds - waveform Male masturbation sounds - spectrogram Sex groaning 3 - mp3 version Sex groaning 3 - ogg version Sex groaning 3 - waveform Sex groaning 3 - spectrogram

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The sound of someone peeing into a toilet bowl. Not real masturbation, but we think it sounds okay, if you're looking for a masturbation noise. Man's sex noises 4 - mp3 version Man's sex noises 4 - ogg version Man's sex noises 4 - waveform Man's sex noises 4 - spectrogram Masturbation sounds - mp3 version Masturbation sounds - ogg version Masturbation sounds - waveform Masturbation sounds - spectrogram

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