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Their offices were above a pizzeria and a Japanese restaurant. The very first video uploaded to YouTube was an 18 second clip of Jawed Karim at the San Diego zoo standing in front of some elephants. They opened the beta site to the public in May In the coming weeks, every mainstream newspaper and media outlet did a report on the wonders of this new-fangled "Youtube" website and how internet videos were breathing life back into a dreary Saturday Night Live. At one point during their performance, Justin reached over and pulled off a piece of Janet's costume which left her right breast fully exposed:.

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Specifically her right nipple.

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And thus one of the earliest streaming videos sites in history was born. Specifically her right nipple. There are lots of origin stories about how the idea for YouTube came about. Instead of a few random friends visiting, the site was inundated with hundreds of thousands of visits per day for the next several weeks.

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