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The soaring temperature begins to make me feel woozy and the smell of the fire permeates my nostrils. Despite the nudity, decorum is key in a sauna. Sweden's third-largest city, Malmo is home to Scandinavia's tallest building, beautiful parks, edgy contemporary museums, and what is renowned as one of the finest 'kallbadhus' bath houses in the country. You see, I'm stark naked, as is the stranger to my immediate left and right. Which brings me to an unwritten rule — try to keep your eyes at eye level.

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Finley. Age: 32.
nude swedish

While the Swedes may appear to be carefree and laissez faire in their approach, there are rules to be observed.

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How to Say Nude in Swedish

Secondly, always bring two towels — one for sitting on inside and the other for drying afterwards. I've baked in the buff and bared my bum to the world…and I like it. Thirdly, if you do try to wear a swimsuit in the sauna brace yourself for disapproving looks or 'tuts'. Talking is allowed, but it's done quietly and kept to a minimum, so save those loud, animated convos with your mate for later.

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