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I wouldn't call Chica creepy nor ugly, but I wouldn't especially call her "sexy" either. When people say you dress like a whore, say "At least I wear pants! Why are people raging over this? Disturbed Blue wrote: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean you have to like it. Thank you all for the support. Dreadtroopeer wrote: ThePJBlock wrote: can we just close this thread? Save changes Preview Cancel.

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Kyleigh. Age: 20.
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Homura-chan wrote: The Puppet is an animatronic.

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Carly. Age: 27.
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DogePwnage wrote: Chica is ugly. Facepalm It's a robot, do you think it will have an expression? Stupid perverts thinking colored plastic on rusted metal is sexy. Toy chica looks scary to me.

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