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Between and , the last decade of the dead-ball era , eight pitchers had win seasons. The live-ball era was the era in which baseball regained relevance and exploded in popularity. Rather than change the construction of the balls, which remained consistent between the transition from the "dead-" to "live-ball eras", [1] rule changes were instituted around how the balls were treated. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The new Commissioner of Baseball , Kenesaw Mountain Landis , instituted several new rules during that season, in response to Chapman's death as well as in an effort to liven up the game. Starting in , balls were replaced at the first sign of wear, resulting in a ball that was much brighter and easier for a hitter to see. Such success is attributed to Sisler and others choking up on the bat, resulting in fewer strikeouts and more doubles.

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Chapman was killed by a submarine pitch from Carl Mays in the 5th inning of a twilight game against the New York Yankees.

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Timeline of Major League Baseball History of team nicknames Dead-ball era Live-ball era Golden age of baseball Defunct and relocated teams Relocation of the s—s Expansion Contraction attempt. Pitchers were also allowed to deface or scuff the ball, apply foreign substances to it such as dirt or spit , and cut into the ball with an emery board. Furthermore, the physical wear on the ball reduced its elasticity as the game progressed, making it increasingly difficult to hit for distance.

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