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I admire someone who takes a genuine interest in others. Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? I do a lot of yoga and I love painting dachshunds, bedazzling toilet seats and designing my line of yoga pants called SkinnyCarter. What traits of a man do you admire most? I don't know if it's because I am new to the industry, or if it's the "in" thing to do now. I am always encouraging people to rescue their dogs and cats.

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Willa. Age: 27.
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As a former Miss USA and mainstream actress the decision was something that I thought long and hard about before moving forward with my idea.

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Ellison. Age: 27.
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The open and detailed talk about anal sex that everyone seems to be very into these days. I couldn't wait to move to Los Angeles. I think that being able to go from mainstream to the adult world and back to mainstream is pretty cool. What are you currently working on film wise?

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