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thefirebrand tumblr
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Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Those seem like good ones that help you focus on strengths. She longs for freedom, the kind she would have were she born a man. But from the moment she came to understand her position in life she knows she must fight it. You can find it on deviantART here. Everybody loooooves Tolkien and hardly anyone has ever heard of this guy!

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Anna. Age: 26.
thefirebrand tumblr

I love Greek mythology and history.

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Kiera. Age: 25.
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It's the beautifully intricate image of a man in a hat, mostly monotone colours, and it's the third image for in your development meme. Want to see more posts tagged the firebrand? She thinks she would rather die than give in, but as the threat of her brother being sold looms over her, she questions all her choices. Actually, it looks like a number of your older pieces are missing?

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