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Last year, Adam Levine did his performance shirtless in leather pants, and no one was outraged or disgusted. By , we'll have orgies on stage with performers decked in nude-colored body tights. The Super Bowl halftime show has sparked both admiration and controversy, with many viewers flocking to Twitter to express their opinion on J Lo and Shakira 's performance. All in the name of family entertainment. When you have people who don't necessarily interact with Latinx people on a day-to-day basis and form their opinions based on what they see presented in front of them, it creates a false stereotype and a false demand for those characters. Whatever dances these artists did are not inherently sexual performance pieces. Now, there is nothing wrong with nudity or even sex.

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The reaction to this performance is no different.

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It's a celebration of her culture, it's a "sauce" — like its name indicates — of all the Latin and Caribbean rhythms that came together to create the spectacular music and dance that Puerto Ricans are so well-known for now. This dance is not inherently sexual, rather, the tradition has been manipulated and sexualized by Western audiences. Many pointed to the scantily clad performers and the suggestive body language.

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