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dave and bro strider
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He owns a red, flame-patterned Rocket Board that is propelled by small rockets. A high-rise apartment in the big city. This has never been explained, but may have some connection to Grandpa 's appearance in The Medium. He shared a fierce sibling rivalry with his younger brother and raised him harshly, to the point of his behavior being considered abuse by Andrew Hussie. For the post-scratch version of this character, see Dirk Strider. His post-scratch self likened the hobby to taking care of a flock of pigeons. Dirk seemed to lack any sense of self-awareness or empathy in his methods in preparing Dave for Sburb, such as his tendency to deprive Dave of food and deliver constant physical abuse, which Dave later describes as totally sociopathic in nature and believes he saw raising a child as a game.

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Erin. Age: 31.
dave and bro strider

Though Dave imitated him and never questioned his methods, this idolship is broken as Dave matures and realizes Dirk's faults, especially in raising him.

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Olive. Age: 25.
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Dirk Strider (pre-scratch)

He is a master of different kinds of Modi. Pesterable Homestuck characters. Dirk has shown incredible abilities in combat both with Lil Cal and his own katana.

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