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I used to have issues ejaculating with my ex. Size has never been a factor with partners. When I started taking hormones, I felt a complete mix of fear and excitement. In the morning, the door opens and in comes this woman, in her robe. The surgeons take a couple of nerves from the arm and the inner thigh to hook up to the clitoral nerve to give you the erotic sensation. So I had a thigh phalloplasty.

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Eden. Age: 27.
huge soft penis tumblr

I think they must have sensed my terror and stopped.

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Miracle. Age: 26.
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It was a synthetic gel I rubbed on my arms which worked straight away, and I felt normal again. I now see it as a blessing. When I woke up and looked at her, I thought she was lovely. Besides, you do it every night anyway.

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