Anime foot crush

anime foot crush
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Happens to the guy at the end of this video after making fun of a girl's height. Jim Davis's first comic strip, Gnorm Gnat , ended with a giant foot crushing the titular character. Obviously, this kills Snake instantly. In Twister's ending in Twisted Metal 2 , she is granted the wish to go faster than light , travels back in time, and gets stomped by a dinosaur. The imagery that formed look like a giant elephant's foot slamming down on the target, with the swords looking like its toes. The relatively easy way to cross the Stomping Plains involves turning on invincibility powers and just running through, but the really annoying part comes later when you have to go through again with each character separately which proves that it's a very good thing that Banjo can heal himself.

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At the beginning, what looks like a predatory dinosaur's foot stomps down on the ground.

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Giant Foot of Stomping

Godzilla returns to stomp a poor news anchor in Animaniacs. Of course, Cyborg isn't giant, Bumblebee's powers make her the size of a regular bee. The feet always seem to wear a pair of Yulgarland boots, for some reason. Anakaris also has this as a special attack although with a floating sarcophagus in the shape of a foot , and a super where several of them come flying down.

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