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However, after a battle against the Revengers, she donned a new costume and gained renewed hope for the future. Amazing Spider-Man Family No. May has also received martial arts training from the Ladyhawks and Elektra Natchios , as well as being drilled in the use of her powers by her father. Impending fatherhood was one of the main reasons Peter retired as Spider-Man during that story-line, passing the mantle to Ben Reilly. When Mary Jane becomes aware that the Hobgoblin poses a threat to her goddaughter's teenage friends, she allows May to resume her activities as Spider-Girl a situation they wanted to keep secret from Peter. The two briefly battle before being caught in an explosion. Manhattan , New York , Earth

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spider girl comic online

Her mobile phone is modified to attach to one of her web-shooters, and looks like one of its cartridges.

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His shadowy boss later revealed to be Harry Osborn notes to Kaine "You'll have to kill her if things go wrong. May takes a walk, reflecting on how her parents, baby brother, and potential new twin sister have overcome so much and truly become "An Amazing Spider-Man Family". Views Read Edit View history. The Spiders take the three to a safe zone where they eventually also come into contact with a team led by the "Superior Spider-Man" Otto Octavius.

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