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The manager of an unnamed shop in London's Oxford Street began experimenting in with skirt hemlines an inch above the knees of window mannequins, and noted how positively his customers responded. In Mathews, Gordon; White, Bruce eds. Bergey , who depicted futuristic women in a "stereotyped combination" of metallic miniskirt, bra and boots. University of Calgary Library. Wear Skirts 8 Inches Above Knee". Much to her surprise, the ten-inch long garments rapidly sold out.

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micro mini skirt girl

In spring of as featured in the June issue of Time Magazine that year , short skirts began to re-emerge, notably in the form of " rah-rahs ", which were modeled on those worn by female cheerleaders at sporting and other events.

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Dancers Skirts

Short skirts have existed for a long time, though they were generally not called "mini" or recognised as a fashion trend until the s. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Microskirt. Although Quant reportedly named the skirt after her favourite make of car, the Mini , [23] [24] there is no consensus as to who designed it first. Cambridge University Press.

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