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Stories Blog Followers Following. Maybe have the student body vote on who should be included in a calendar pin-up photo shoot Also, you need someone to write that clearly necessary Cadance sequel? Time to find the anti-francium to clean out the inside of my skull Remember kids, when faced with strange cosmic forces, abuse them for personal gain! Funny, the kind of conclusions one can reach without the appropriate context. Unfortunate lack of Starlight Glimmer, but otherwise exactly what the horse doctor ordered.

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E Princess Celestia Hates Tea.

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The humor was spot-on and the characterization as enjoyable as it is accurate. Member Since 16th Jan, offline last seen 6 hours ago Skywriter loves tiaras. I'd vote for Principal Celestia, the Main 6, and then leave the remaining 5 slots open for discussion. I just know that I liked it.

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