Arin is bad at video games

arin is bad at video games
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More from :star2: KindredSpirit :star Hell, he's said it himself that he missed animating cartoons. I mean, I find it pretty astounding how two self-proclaimed idiots yelling at video games has resonated with many of us during the last five years. It's like they've burnt themselves out. Now, believe it or not, their commentary is among the least of my problems with the Game Grumps. They're pretty boring in my opinion.

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Briley. Age: 25.
arin is bad at video games

People getting upset about the gameplay or anything like that, in my opinion, need to get over themselves.

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My Problem with Game Grumps ~ :star2:

I hate to compare Dan with Jon, because they're two different personalities, so it wouldn't be fair to compare him with something who I've grown up loving for as long as he's been on the show. It's no secret that Arin has a huge hatred for Sonic the Hedgehog, which, you know, whatever. Nothing is above critisism especially that of a polite tone, i hate this culture where people are sending death threats to other folks just for not enjoying something, that isn't a proper debate man.

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