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That went on for several years, and certainly was not the end of my adventures with dogs or my kid brother. As I did Max shoved several inches of quickly swelling dog meat in and out of my mouth as he started to involuntarily drop his pelvis and hump forward, I had to grab his hind legs and push back to keep from having it forced down my throat. I love these stories, and I do hope they are true. I got back onto my knees and kneeled beside him to hold his cock and knot in my hands, it was throbbing and showing no indication of lessening, my hands and his member were still wet so I stroked his shaft and held his steaming knot and masturbated him slowly. Max licked both of us clean as his hardness diminished, and he was a very affectionate dog to me then and on afterwards, and I petted and praised him as we laid there on that hot summer afternoon, both of us having enjoyed each other. Posted Fri 3rd of May Report.

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Matilda. Age: 20.
dog fucks gay man

I was on my knees in the hay quickly as I dropped down and put my mouth over the tip of his dick and started licking the puckered hole and the little pointed knob that stuck out like a hood over the opening, swirling the little drops of precum and my saliva over the first inch or so.

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Kiara. Age: 22.
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Introduction: I am a Bisexual Male, and all of my beast-related sexual experiences have been with Male dogs, I should warn the reader up front that if Homosexuality or Male Dog only experiences are not to your taste, this Blog, however if those themes DO interest you, I hope you enjoy this. Maxs knot was huge, almost the size of a softball but hard as a rock, and as he stopped thrusting so much and pushed slowly forward and back I grasped it and the hilt behind to slide my slime covered hands all around it. His boner was inches long, fat, round, and thick from the knot to the tip, pink covered with deep red veins and capillaries, as was his knot; as big around as a large orange with a dip underneath between the two lobes, almost like cleavage between two breasts.

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