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Under the welcome shade of the boughs, comfortable beds await the celebrants— actually the better people of the town only rarely frequent these green halls, but the common crowds jostle there on festive days, to yield publicly to the joys of love. The statue would have been polychromed , [3] and was so lifelike that it even aroused men sexually, as witnessed by the tradition that a young man broke into the temple at night and attempted to copulate with the statue, leaving a stain on it. It is one of the first life-sized representations of the nude female form in Greek history, displaying an alternative idea to male heroic nudity. The statue was created for the temple of Aphrodite Euploia at Knidos and depicts a naked Aphrodite as she is interrupted while bathing. Lucian said that she "wore a slight smile that just revealed her teeth", although most later copies do not preserve this.

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Nothing hides her beauty, which is entirely exposed, other than a furtive hand veiling her modesty.

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Knidos bought the remaining Aphrodite and she was installed in Knidos' sanctuary to the goddess, and thus gained a widespread cult-like following for its beauty. The placement of her hands obscures her pubic area, while simultaneously drawing attention to her exposed upper body. To tell the truth, you can notice among them some infertile trees, but they have beauty as their fruit.

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