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You've been very helpful, Most people claim that she'edits, got butt implants or fat transfered bbl for some people it's obvious they've had work done but with her people seem to be sticking to other one of the three or all of the above. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Botchedsurgeries join leave , readers 4, users here now 1. I should note that I am an active NPC bodybuilder so I'm immersed in the muscular world on a daily basis. Female bodybuilders commonly get butt and breast implants to keep a feminine figure As far as this goes, you very rarely see female bodybuilders with butt implants. Most people feel that way about this sub lol.

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That's essentially what's creating the hump on the head of her quad.

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Whats even crazier though is that, the deeper you get into the fitness industry, you find that these people, the people that men and women see on magazines and Instagram profiles, often view themselves in a way that is much worse then the viewer sees their own body. Most people know the breast implants are a common thing but I found this article:. In all, like I said, from my trained eye, this looks like a butt implant. You do however see breast implants as a very common thing.

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