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Some practitioners have "teen" personas, some are children, some are infants. Or there might just be women with weak pelvic floor muscles. Some might even get their jollies from it. What do ABDL adult baby diaper lovers love to do? For many, it's a very comforting situation where they're being "taken care of" by an adult. How can I hide the fact that I sometimes wear diapers from my friends? How do I wear diapers in high school?

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Why does my son like to wear diapers?

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So their bladder control is weaker, and they may have leakage. How do I wear diapers in high school? People who do this often have a caretaker a "daddy" or "mommy" who is with them, punishes them, rewards them, feeds them, talks to them like they are their regressed age, etc. Well over a million people were packed into Midtown.

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