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He married for less than a year and seems unattached. Are those initiation videos real? This guy would get drunk out of his mind every week-end. Oh, also, another brother and I came very close - I suggested it, he did the whole "Well I wouldn't stop you" thing - but I wasn't comfortable with it so I didn't. I wasn't out so in their minds it was just "experimenting" though they both married and as far as I know are otherwise straight.

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Marjorie. Age: 29.
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He offered to show me around, and we wound up in some tiny room, not even sure if it was his.

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Kimberly. Age: 30.
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Frat Boy’s Jokes About Hazing Getting Weirdly Specific

We did some chest play sucking, rubbing and mutual oral, and then he wanted to sound me. I pledged a Frat during college and one drunken night let a brother suck my dick. The action also had to be after ten at night. I dug up his picture online - he was a GOD, but turned into a grey haired chubby therapist hippie.

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