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And yes, of course, the much talked about patent leather pumps. And as a woman and feminist who has had a corporate administrative job and taught as an instructor in a college classroom, let me just say that I am tired of being told, reminded, and critiqued by men and women alike about what I can, should, and am allowed to wear to work. Like any person in power, she has teams of people who do this work for her as she acts as conductor. No, it was a film about dinosaurs. I thought if so many people are focused on whether or not her high heels are "appropriate" for her wilderness trekking, why are they not also talking about how ridiculous it is that the young man who falls in the raptor pit while trying to lasso the pig is wearing a knit cap? Given her characterization, however, I would say she was in control of her own desired image.

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We can burn our bras or buy up all the pinkest, laciest ones.

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Claire Dearing Outfit

In the words of Owen in defense on wearing board shorts on a date, "It is Central America. Your December Horoscopes Are Here. Yet when I left the film, I left with the added bonus of seeing a badass woman in charge.

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