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justin bieber feet tumblr
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His white socks were bare, sweat patches near the toes, and a smell came, I realized, I liked it, that it even gave me and instant boner. When I snapped out of it and realized what was happening I got suddenly kicked in the face with his socked foot and he pressed his damp white socked feet in my nose, deepy, and the next thing I was doing was inhaling that amazing masculine scent like it was just my only source of oxygen. I smell it every night before going to be. He told me to stop making noise because he was in a call. I always think that did not happen, like it was just a fantasy, but he left his sock for me.

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He coughed and I came back into my sense and he was looking at me surprised and I apologized and gave him back the macbook.

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I wondered around, examined him bit by bit and got the courage to go there and do my trimmings. He finally saw me and just gave a nod and a simple smile, I did the same, I knew he did not like fans wanting pics with him and all so I just kept on working. I went on to the garden to do my work and sitting on the rock baseā€¦. November 7: Justin playing soccer in Los Angeles, California.

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