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Hailey Bieber on Justin marriage struggles. In my eyes, she is more beautiful than ever. My SO was always hot, but currently pregnant is hot in an exciting new way. She thinks she's ugly now because of the scar. Obviously it went back to the way it was before but it was an interesting change. She has fat in areas where there was none before. More From Empowering body confidence stories.

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But the one thing we can all agree on is how damn awesome a female body can be when it's creating a brand new human.

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She was a good sport about it though. Sex was challenging as she got larger, but she would normally just lay on her side with one leg higher than the other. I could have done without the crazy-ass mood swings, but I knew that was just part of the deal and tried not to take it personally. I think it was mostly in my mind, as I tend to over-think and over-analyse things.

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