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According to the filing, Thicke's aorta ruptured after developing a tear. Thicke collapsed and died after playing ice hockey with his son. Actor Alan Thicke and wife Tanya Callau in In her new filing this week, Callau insisted she only wants what is rightfully hers. Her lawyer filed the dismissal motion Wednesday, calling the son's May petition for "instructions" on their dad's living trust a misguided maneuver "premised on a make-believe contest where there is no real controversy.

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Callau's filing comes two months after the sons started the battle with explosive claims she was reaching for more of the late actor's estate than she deserved.

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Alan Thicke's widow wants court to dismiss stepson Robin's lawsuit over late actor's will

With that in mind, the sons' petition "will only serve to minimize the beneficiaries' inheritances due to the expenses the co-trustees will incur in litigating the petition," her lawyer wrote. Robin and Brennan said they felt compelled to "honor the memory of their father, protect his legacy and prevent his testamentary intentions from being undermined by the avarice and overreaching of his third wife, Tanya Callau. They grabbed headlines by alleging Callau "threatened" adverse " tabloid publicity " if they didn't agree to mediation and "succumb to her demands.

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