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I do recall vag penetration being decent but breast sex was a scathing no no because of teh engineering genius who decided to have seamed breasts, with the said seem toward the chest sternum side of giant mammary. The other big factor is that Ive just moved to Singapore without my playful wife and the devil makes work for idle hands, thats for sure btqlover - no offence involved at all amigo. I'm sold just based on the fact that westie has been here 7 years, and 3 of his 22 posts She too has an affection for the blessed and was just as intriqued by Ms Fulsom's pendelous pair, but the chaffing was more than a guy could take. So to answer your question about pics of her i can do better than that: pics and video of her being used I was just putting on record my different view on the doll, because i thought they were particularly well made for the 'purpose'.

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Jocelynn. Age: 21.
zena fulsome

Apparently Zena has awakened his enthusiasm.

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Collins. Age: 24.
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Heck - I forgot to highlight the main Zena Fulsom video at Had one for a spell, can't recall why she got dished its been sooo long ago. Trust me, as a husband to a woman who has to custom order her lingerie because her Juggs are anything but normal in size and diminsion I can understand the joy in frolicing through fields of thick heavy mammary glands o Y o which was the reason why Zena did join us for a spell. The mouth is also very good it hase a complete vinyl lining surrounded by foam inside the cheeks.

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