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It became obvious, says Schindler, that the US, particularly the Ohio Valley and industrial areas of Pennsylvania and New England, were producing more than half the acid rain that collected in Canadian lakes. But for climate change, the challenge is broader and solutions must be global. At a presentation to federal fisheries officials, Schindler says that despite considerable evidence from the US, one official accused him of inventing the idea of acid rain just to save the ELA. Scientists would protectively suit up like Darth Vader, make a sulphuric acid solution and use the boat propeller to mix the cocktail across the whole lake. Unlike many lakes, composition of the healthy ecosystem in the ELA was well documented. At the time, Likens remembers giving public lectures on the topic.

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But for a long time, acid rain was a puzzle.

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There are no simple solutions to complex environmental problems. But for a long time, acid rain was a puzzle. The current US president is proposing to cut back regulations on emissions.

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