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Grumblemon 1 Mercurymon 2 Ranamon 3 Kazemon 16 Calmaramon Ja: July 21 , En: November 19 , After being teased by Mercurymon that she does not have her beast spirit, Ranamon contacts her fan club, telling them to search for her beast spirit. They confront the Toucanmon, demanding their D-Tectors back, but they refuse as Ranamon appears. Bokomon 8 Neemon 8 Floramon Numbers indicate order of appearance. As it turns out, her fan club is made up of several Toucanmon , and they happen to be located on the same island that Whamon takes the DigiDestined to.

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The Toucanmon are disgusted by her ugliness and leave, still in possession of the D-Tectors.

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So who are the sexiest digimon in game?

Category : Digimon Frontier episodes. She beast spirit evolves into Calmaramon. Although Koji initially wants to keep to the mission, the others convince him to rest. Takuya Kanbara 4 Koji Minamoto 4 J.

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