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I think some of the most intense shows I have ever seen where the Agnostic Front ones when Roger just came back from jail, on the One Voic e tour. It was right at the time when a lot of American big budget films where shot in Italy, so I had a good run and eventually climbed my way up to First Assistant Director, which is what I do now for a living. I used to travel a bit for shows before I moved to Rome. We built a small scene of skate punks, back when skateboarding and hardcore where basically synonymous. After the tour was over, they asked me if I wanted to keep working for them in Europe and I said yes! After his first son was born, he quit racing and started working as a minicab driver.

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Work for world peace and all that.

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The Isola Nel Kantiere in Bologna was a squat run predominantly by young kids from the hardcore scene who where incredibly cool and dynamic. After my parents divorced, I started spending a lot more time on my own. How did you get your foot in the door?

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