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She asks him if he is departing alone like this and in return hears that he can't be with everyone anymore. Morgiana is a quiet girl who barely talks. After that, Alibaba tells them that he always listened to his mother and asks Hakuryuu if it was the same for him. During this whole conversation, Yunan persisted with a look of sorrow on his face, as if he knew that some misfortune might happen very soon to Morgiana. Morgiana remembers when Hakuryuu told her about his family's tragedy and wonders if his mother was killed as well. Morgiana says she envies Hakuryuu, because she almost doesn't remember her family and hopes he will take care of his sister. The Fog Troupe starts to attack the hotel they were staying at and so Sinbad, Masrur and Jafar begin to fight them.

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Aladdin told Alibaba that he was happy to see him and that he had a lot to tell him.

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Morgiana (Magi)

Alibaba happily takes a plate with fish and says that her strong point is her physical strength, so she has to eat to her heart's content. She tells him that even though such things never reached countries like Kou, Fanalis are that kind of race now. After the scene, Hakuryuu leaves that place and Morgiana follows him.

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