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There is also a small chance that a single gem may pop out when you defeat it. Even when disguised as a pony you can often tell which copies are changelings with careful observation of their behavior. There are 6 types of changelings, matching each of the Elements of Harmony. In the Windows version you obtain wheels to play the Crystal Mine Game, unlike the rest of the earned wheels, one wheel from the changelings allows you to play. Second, they can show up in disguise as any member of the Mane 6 , but typically prefer to be disguised as Twilight Sparkle.

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Only one of each of them is the real one.

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My Little Brony

However, unlike in the series, defeating her will not stop changelings from spawning. If you go to Canterlot you may see several copies of Mane 6 ponies running around. They can be distinguished by the colors surrounding the rim of the crater.

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