Undertale frisk and flowey

undertale frisk and flowey
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He has 6 grey petal-like structures surrounding his head with two green eyes. Flowey loses his power and somehow, teleported himself nearby the entrance of the Underground. Vines : These are green tentacles that Flowey uses to grab something or block some attacks. If I have ONE piece of advice for you Asriel catches Flowey for a moment and tries to convince him after a long talk, Flowey doesn't accept Asriel's hand at the end, but Flowey tells him "So

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Cordelia. Age: 25.
undertale frisk and flowey

Flowey reappears in this episode, but only in Asriel 's dream, and Flowey tells him to leave his feelings and emotions behind, Flowey tells him to be a monster like Frisk, but Asriel rejects it.

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Marianna. Age: 23.
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Asriel Fight

You're a part of me now, Flowey. If you leave your emotions behind, with all your power, we'll be unstoppable. Below his TV head, he has a mouth in the shape of the DT extractor, with two eyes again with green irises, though they are more cat-like.

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