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Egginton's photograph was published, "showing the boys had been severely beaten and abused by the arresting police. The boys were arrested on October , separated from their parents for a week, beaten and threatened by investigators, then sentenced by a Juvenile Court judge. An international committee was formed in Europe to defend Thompson and Simpson. The two had played together when James accompanied his mother to her work as a domestic for the Marcus family. Hodges and his appointee state attorney general Malcolm B. During this time, no judge from North Carolina would overrule Price.

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Although he was "embarrassed by the international press coverage to eventually pardon the children, Governor Hodges "refused to apologize for [the State of North Carolina's] harsh treatment" of the children.

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Williams called Conrad Lynn , a noted black civil rights lawyer from New York, who came to aid in the boys' defense. A few days later Juvenile Judge Hampton Price found them guilty, saying "since they just stood silent and didn't say nothin', I knew that was a confession of guilt. Hodges and his appointee state attorney general Malcolm B. Steele of Tallahassee, Florida.

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