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Although my body is of a female now, I still posses memories of the past. I arched my back as she lowered herself further and further down, until my entire member was enveloped within her walls. I walked past the show stage and saw Bonnie standing with Chica and Freddy, I took out the keys and unlocked the door. I let out a short grunt, as pre-cum shot down her throat. The cameras were pointed to the three animatronics on stage. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, a magical place where parents and children alike, where fantasy and fun come to life.

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Bonnie then hopped off of my lap, and knelt down on the floor.

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Aubrianna. Age: 23.
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Toy Chica's Party-Packed Adventure!

I pressed the red flashing button. Bonnie swallowed most of it, spat the remainder onto my cock, before taking just the tip into her mouth again. Despite taking a 4 month break, I am back! I expected her to be cold and hard, but she was warm and moist inside.

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