Diaper spreader pants

diaper spreader pants
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Oh if only I could have my own play space and have anything I wanted. I would love to be thickl diapered and then put into spreader pants looks like it would be fun. The true baby experience to make you unable to walk. Imagine you get a bit of chaffing though. He got a lot of joy out of watching me crawl and waddle and other things. Well I just wanted to update you all on my weekend Friday night my dada got home after 3 long weeks out on the road.

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What are they, could you please post a link or a picture.

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Special spreader pants

I have seen the sites to and I badly want to get one and thick diapers to. I'd love to be forced to wear spreader pants for a while, alas they are a wee bit pricey for me. The true baby experience to make you unable to walk. For pricing and supply just search under bondage equipment, spreader pants.

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