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My sister is technically my half sister, but she is my sister. I mean she seems like she would be really supportive, but she has a lot of personal issues that she should probably work through. But that is from a very outside-the-character perspective. She came off as a character that I was prepared and ready to do—I would not say necessarily ready more than usual. I have heard some really ridiculous things though that I think aren't true, but they might be.

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She is extremely misguided and she needs psychological help.

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I mean, relationships don't work. By the end of You 's second season, she takes out Joe's ex, Candace, and his neighbor, Delilah, for trying to bring Joe to justice and make his crimes public. In the second season of You , everyone's problematic fave read: serial killer Joe Goldberg finds his perfect match in Love Quinn, a charming Californian chef with a past that's just as dark as his. We didn't have to have a relationship; when you're 25 years old, it's probably not that interesting to talk to a baby.

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